I’ve decided not to listen to music for a month. I started around August 1st and I’m going to go until the end of August.

The only thing I’ll let myself listen to is the new Kings of Leon Compact Disk if it leaks early, it’s set to come out around September 23rd. So I’ve listened to the 2 songs that have already come out and I’m stoked for it.

It’s amazing what any of these bands, as people, can do together. I’ve been writing alot of music, and so far I’ve only met one kid in this whole pious state that I can work with. His name is Sohrab and he’s from Iran. He has the mentality but hasn’t really developed his skills yet. His voice is milk chocolate though and I’m stoked to see what this kid can do.

We’ve been throwing ideas back and forth. The thing that kills me is that I’ll write like 5 or 6 songs, and then only one will, in my opinion, feel really good. The other stuff I feel is just plain…vanilla plain.

I look around at all these kids that play music, I wonder, how do they not get it? Can’t they listen to their stuff tomorrow and hear how bad it is. I’m so picky about what I write, and I feel like I don’t give myself enough credit.

But then I just straight up slam myself down as hard as I can. I try to be my own worst critic because I don’t want to end up like these kids who give themselves too much room for error and embarrassment. I don’t understand how you can just pat yourself on the back when you’re just doing something everyone else is doing.

What’s the point?

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