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Liar or Idiot?

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Politicians are elected…why do we put so much value on them for that?

I want to run a campaign to be a brain surgeon. So if enough people vote for me then would you trust me to operate on you? The funny part is that if enough people believed in me then plenty of people would trust me and, hell, I’ll operate because I have more odds of helping than hurting.

So we’ve elected these people to be the brain surgeons of something much bigger. A country. And now we trust them, and now they act like they know what they’re doing…because they are “elected.”

Today a Senator made a statement saying that he only expected the recession to last for one more year. Then I started thinking. What the hell does he know? He’s just throwing out some damn numbers so that we will all calm down.

All these Senators and Congressmen are really much stupider than we are. No I say the word stupid with the intended meaning of “can’t think for yourself.” They are the apotheosis of stupid, the gods of being told what to think. They think for money, they think for lobbyists.

This global market is really terrifying. On the one hand if we tax the rich more then they are going to try to push more money and jobs overseas. And outsourcing is also terrifying because, I know they say that “it’s just jobs we won’t do,” but the statements are untrue. We may never get these jobs back. And where does it stop? Doesn’t it stand as logical that the smarter these countries get, and the more people that work for a lower wage, the more jobs will end up over there…hell why wouldn’t microsoft want to have a whole staff from India working for half the price?

Everyone will eventually suffer though, because if people make less wage then they will have less money to spend. Eventually it will catch up to these companies because their employees, who used to make so little, are now the top wage earners, and there will be less money flowing.

So really globalization is just separation and destruction of a global economy. Starting down a terribly unproductive path. We are teaching the world how to be the lower class. So we are starting to separate the rich and the poor on a global scale. Eventually there will be many many people working for big businesses (because small businesses can’t stand up to globalization). Leading to many rich businesses with many employees working for LOWEST possible price.

I really hoped that people could learn about truth and actually make their own decisions. If a company is using their employees in a dishonest manner you would hope people would make a stand and not shop there.

But every person that walks into Wal-Mart is just making a statement of how stupid they are. We are giving our moral value away in exchange for low prices.

Getting the lowest price isn’t always the best thing.

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