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Single-Self Sighted

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

1.5 Billion Muslims…2.1 billion Christians…900 million Hindus…376 million Buddhists…

So how are we supposed to expect that these people don’t have the exact same feelings on religion that you do? How do you expect that they don’t believe as strongly about their belief as you do? Why are you right and they are wrong?

I’m not saying what’s right or wrong here…I’m merely just saying think about it?

Feelings…feelings are just registries from the brain. If you can be brainwashed into thinking a certain way then it stands that you also can be brainwashed into feeling a certain way.

Think about fear…if you are brainwashed into a fear of spiders than you will elicit the same response every time you see or think of a spider.

And religion can’t be the same way?

Pascal’s wager is the only think that is logical…and it is still a chance. Then you have to move to WHICH god…so really Pascal’s wager is destroyed in the fact thatĀ there are so many gods in the world.

Who worships the sun these days? Does any religion? I don’t really know the true answer but I would venture that not many people do.

The Egyptians did though…why don’t we?

It’s because it is understood. Now that we know what the sun is and it’s function we can explain it…so now it is no longer something godly and mysterious…it is merely the sun.

So now we have moved on from the sun, the rivers, the moon, etc. to just one being that is impossible to understand. Why is it that we always have to have something we don’t understand? Why can’t we just see the world around us for what it is and begin breaking things down that fit for us? Why do we have to be special? People have to have another reason for a life of pathos…something that separates them from everyone else.

When what we should be searching for is a way to be just like everyone else and work together.

“People work together and they lifted many stones.” -Neil Young.

  1. Filip
    October 1, 2008 at 12:14 am

    You’ve tapped onto it… who knows who’s right. You are thinking about it.

    I think Pascal’s theory is irrelevant in our time. Why isn’t acting well AND not believing in the god that your culture pushes a option?

    What if that option allows you to live life fuller and ask questions deeper. Maybe that option for a certain person allows him to wonder about life and not worry about applying words to things that are indescribable… like God.

    Maybe God is a white, old wise guy… but maybe god is indescribable and we should just celebrate the fact that we exist.

    Keep thinking man, I like it.

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