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Get depressed. That’s what I’m saying…

It’s the best way to elicit change in your self. I used to say “damn regrets” all the time to myself. I would act like it didn’t matter what I did in the past…as long as I did what I wanted to do.

But now I look around at all the soma slaves, people are actually becoming chained down by constant happiness. They are always forcing themselves to be happy. And it’s so fake. In the end you’re going to find yourself going through the exact same phases every time you don’t accept the feelings from inside and work with them.

Why does the world tell us to be happy all the time? I’m not saying get suicidal, stay away from that, but i’m saying you will not change yourself or your actions without a small dose of depression and uncomfortability.

So accept some depression next time it comes around and run with it. Write down how you feel in a journal and really pick apart your thoughts and figure out what it is that needs to be changed. It’s going to be so much better in the long run if you start correcting yourself now. Life naturally should have ups and downs…we have to stop taking our docile boost Tylenol of ecstatic mentality every time we fall of cloud nine head first onto planet Earth.

Enjoy some reality, eat some dirt…Judas people…

Get depressed. That’s what I’m saying!!!

  1. Filip
    October 6, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    You depressed son of a bitch! Jokes… I totally agree with the up and downs of life. Fake happiness is vile, it’s good to laugh and cry, mellow out and scream till it hurts. Its the end of both sides that brings fullness in life. balance.

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