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The Individual

So I spoke to my father for quite a while today and we hashed out some good dialogue. But first I want to say what’s on my mind…

Is the individual really dead? I just got done watching the movie “Network,” and it really had some good points. But it all boils down to the same thing. The individual is dead.

Your opinion is not relevant. I’m sorry but first and foremost people do not care about what you have to say. Most likely there are hundreds of people more powerful and more educated than you that are saying the exact same thing.

Power directs the ears of the nations, not an individual. I get phone calls all day from people who say they have an idea and they would like to let John McCain know how to do this or how to do that…it’s ludicrous!

Now if we can accept this idea that we are worth nothing in the eyes of a society, except by our production capability, then we can realize that we are only worth our production capability. If you take a second and think who gets the microphone, you will realize it is those who can organize a following.

To get your voice heard you have to get on the damn TV. TV stations don’t give a damn about anything except money. So in order to get heard you have to have a following and a means for them to make profit off of you. Otherwise F#@k You.

That’s the attitude of the world…

That is what drives our life…

You aren’t worth the dirt you walk on unless you have connections and a network…


Now me and my father spoke…like I aforementioned. And it was very interesting.

And I think we came to some serious observations.

1: As far as Walmart goes…I’m not sure how I feel. Two hours ago I was very much against Walmart because they don’t pay their employees well, provide them with good healthcare, or pay them overtime.

But my father really opened my eyes.

The people who are getting the worthless healthcare and low pay are the employees at the register and stocking the store…obviously.

But he really hit me in the face with some keen observations. This is not a career job, this is like a Taco Bell job. I mean it requires very basic skills and no work experience.

So the fact they get ANY health care should actually be the mind blowing thing here.

As far as pay goes I’m sure they are making more than a Taco Bell employee.

And as far as overtime and strenuous hours with constant understaffing I am still seeking a change. But I’m just one person so who cares right (haha)?

So Walmart is becoming less and less of the devil that I thought it was. I guess when you are successful you are bound to get positive and negative attention.

2: Oil. Oil companies are starting to band together and Exxon has grown too large. They have an oligarchy on the oil and it needs to be broken up, not by government, but by free market. If the government would just open the oil up for bidding and investment the oil companies would shrink, there would be more competition which would make lower prices, and then it would free up market space for more efficient and more clean energies.

I don’t support cleaner energy because of the planet, I don’t think burning oil is great but I don’t think the government needs to get bigger. The market WILL find solutions when the government WILL let it. Then we will have cleaner fuels because it will be cheaper, not because it’s healthier. No one cares about health, only getting to work and surviving. No one is going to starve so that a tree can have it’s first leaves.

But the government loves oil. And you think Obama or McCain are going to stop that. The oil tax from the federal and state governments is a fat greasy pig feeding off the American pocket book.

So the government and big oil are together on this one right now…and until we can solve that the hippies and the corporate Americans will fight each other over something they both want solved…

3: Economic crisis…we’re all screwed…

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