Cliff Baxter

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m actually feeling pretty sick right now…for us–for people.

Milgram’s experiment. Right here is the link. I can’t believe this.

I know I’ve read about this before but this time the pin has pricked me…and then outright stabbed me. And I am shocked.

Why do accept leadership and authority with such ease? We really need to open our eyes. This is total absurdity.

It needs to be spread out in your mind. Just because someone is a leader doesn’t automatically make them better or smarter than you. We put these labels and automatic stigmas on people just because of what their title is.

It needs to be clear to us, right now. Every person in this whole world is the EXACT SAME. We are all people. All of us. You think that the authority figure above you is so much smarter than you or better than you or has superior judgement. But the truth is oftentimes they are just better at playing their role.

They are leaders. They act like they know what they are doing. It’s their purpose and goal. It doesn’t make them any smarter.

We all need to take a small shot of reality here. Start seeing everyone as yourself. Your preacher, your politician, your boss, your CEO…anyone in your life. Start to look at them as yourself. They are the same as you.

Take things objectively. Step outside and see the light. See the whole picture. Enron is the perfect example of smart actors making things look good. You think they are the only ones in Corporate America doing this? No way. They just took it far enough to get caught.

Quit shocking your friends just because someone in a suit tells you it’s ok. Especially if they tell you they will take responsibility. No one can take responsibility for your actions but yourself.

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