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Same Thing Over and Over and Over and Over and Over

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

In “Crime and Punishment,” when speaking about his foolish mother, Raskolnikov expounds a little precious nugget. He says,

“Till the last moment every goose is a swan with them, till the last moment, they hope for the best and will see nothing wrong, and although they have an inkling of the other side of the picture, yet they won’t face the truth till they are forced to; the very thought of it makes them shiver; they thrust the truth away with both hands, until the men they deck out in false colours puts a fool’s cap on them with his own hands.”

People don’t take the time to get educated on a subject. People read and watch TV–romance novels and Gossip Girl; Halo manuals and King of the Hill. There is a lack of personal desire for betterment and education.

So it becomes quite rediculous when everyone seems to have an opinion on everything before actually studying it out. And what’s worse is people will avoid the opposing arguments to their side like the plague.

For example in politics. People will read and read their party’s literature to enforce their own opinion. But rarely do they listen to try to understand the other side’s philosophies.

A famous quote says something to the tune of this, the smartest person will step out of his own point of view, and view the other side of the argument, and try to understand the rationale and thinking behind it.

We will be played like fools if we continue to live like fools.

Advertising, media, businesses, politicians, and preachers will continue to be false leaders and hard headed egoists if we keep feeding them. When the masses throws green around looking for hope someone will always be there with their hand outstretched and warm words of consolation. Supply and demand goes for heart felt words as well as widgets and sugar.

So it all boils down to me. What truths do I push away that I should be accepting?

Search for truth…accept truth…

  1. Filip
    October 28, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    We just went over some of these ideas in philosophy class. The idea asks “would you rather be happy and blind or liberated and not as happy?”

    An example, a dog eats, sleeps, screws and generally has it made, not too many problems in that life. Would you want to switch places with it? Or maybe a small town folk with no access to media vs a city kid who knows what the world has to offer. Perhaps which one would you rather be: a blind, convinced believer vs a person who has faced doubts and is unsteady in the conviction that there really is a just god?

    I’ll be blunt, I think most people do rather watch gossip girl and other garbage because they can avoid thinking. Thinking hurts, it makes you grow, stretch and even sometimes change.

    Like you said, looking at “the other side of the argument” makes one more open-minded and intellectual but may not make one happier. The problem is that once you get used to looking at the other side you can become more valuable to those around you, but you lose that dull happy view on life. Considering the other view brings things to focus, sometimes those things in focus make one angry.

    I don’t know what is better but I do know this, once the box is open, its staying that way. You can’t unlearn curiosity. You can’t say no to knowledge once you start to hunt for it. But in society, most would rather follow than forge their own ideas and beliefs.

    Dude, keep searching and keep improving. If you don’t you’ll be a waste, because your mind is that of a philosopher. That doesn’t mean you have the answers, it means you thrive after truth and knowledge; to stunt that because of culture or social pressure would be a shame.

    Myself, I am content with the fact that I am taking on the battle in my mind and do not wish to go back to “knowing everything.”

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