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In Reflection…

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was just reading Filip’s response to my other blog and it got me thinking.

I started to think…”what is my ultimate goal here…to change people?”

Then I started really thinking…no. I think that’s actually my problem. I don’t really want to change people. In fact I’m afraid of trying to change people because sometimes I hate this endless search for truth. The hole we dig in friend is deep, and we will keep digging in this same hole that others have been in for years. They pass the shovel and a few of us actually love to search for it.

But like I said sometimes I really hate it…

I do want to IMPROVE people when it comes down to it. I really like to boost the self esteem of others around me. I do that alot. I feel like I can really affect people’s self worth with word. I grew up very self concious and very lost as to who I was. Not that I care what people are, but I feel like I try to spread the gospel of “accept yourself.”

Morrissey said it best in the song “Accept Yourself.”   LYRICS     VIDEO

So I guess it comes down to this. I want to improve people’s lives. But I do not want to change anything about a person until I personally believe and know that what I preach is what I believe will be beneficial.

But I really do fear actually making people think. I have this inner fear that I do not want people to end up like me. I really believe in fate, if people need to be shaken then life will do it. Who am I to do it?

But these vain and pretentious people think they can go out and shake people’s beliefs and not destroy the moral fabric of society. Science and god are both such extremes. Science says that god is worthless and pointless because “well the Egyptians worshipped the Sun as god and now we’ve just developed him to fit our new life of understanding.” Well you dumb-ass scientists. Remember when you said the world was flat? Remember when you said that we had to worry about global cooling less than 100 years ago?

What’s happened to you? You’re just as extreme as the believers. You are just as dogmatic and bigoted as the religious. We claim all these truths, they change all the time EVEN OVER THE COURSE OF OUR LIFETIME and we are supposed to believe what YOU say but NOT RELIGION!!! You’re both equally clinging to one extreme of the picture.

So it’s really time lab coats and priests step out of their uniform and let people figure out the truth for themselves. I’m not going to be the one in charge of tearing people down, but you sure as hell do a good job at tearing down each other.

It’s going to evolve…mark me here. It will eventually be religion vs science. And there will be wars over it. There will be fighting and wars and destruction over this. It’s the next phase. People will cling so hard to their side. You can already see it. The Church of the Bible and the Church of the Science.

Anyways I hate both ends of the spectrum. There is a place for both, but don’t walk with one eye closed. Let the world around you affect you how it will. Take it in from both prespectives and then think AND feel what you believe and live true to it. That is what really matters.

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