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The Existence of God…

Whatever. So this will become my new place for ideas, thoughts, everything, what not.

I was reading some Heidegger the other night and it got me thinking about this and that which led to a big breakthrough in my mind. Even though this could be considered crazy-talk as many ideas and philosophies usually are.

But I was thinking about what Heidegger was talking about.

And it got me thinking.

Knowledge is the same as truth, at least true knowledge is. And in the end all true knowledge will be proven true, on a long enough time scale. So if you take time out of the equation then we see ourselves finding multiple truths and falsities. So that got me thinking.

We are on a specific path to ultimate truth.

This means that eventually we are going to find out what truth is, meaning we are going down a specified path that we cannot alter. Truth is truth no matter which way you spin it, so we can’t really alter our course, only discover it.

So then I started thinking. On a long enough time scale what has happened to us– ie. big bang or our coming to existence, developing knowledge, etc–must have or will happen again.

And on a long enough timescale if you believe, which I do, that we will discover ultimate truths, then we will have a god-like knowledge.

So god is the idea of ultimate knowledge, power, and truth. Power and truth come with knowledge (science gives us the power to do so many things with understanding).

So then, on a long enough time scale, we are gods. We have the ability to learn ultimate truth. We are on the path to ultimate knowledge and power.

This is easily seen by our ability to learn at an exponential rate.

Now, matter is infinite, as far as we understand. So if matter cannot be destroyed only changed, then infinity goes both ways, forward and backward.

And if infinity goes forward and backward then that means we live in the infinite.

So then other occurrences like ours have been happening for infinite time before now.

And gods must already exist.

Imagine the 10th Dimension. Pretty good video…

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