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We have become…

We have murdered our own selves for the thrill. Parents, teachers, idols, scientists, philosophers, all of them are dead. Everything we dislike we have cut out or our own worlds. Information has strangled our necks and choked our throats.

Very few of us listen anymore. We live in a world where we can click the next button on any idea that we dislike. We are drowning in a pool of our own feces.

That feces is information. We have run into a problem, information. Information now puts everyone in a massive cloud. We don’t have time to focus on one subject. We don’t have time to ponder on a topic. We jump our minds from one place to another and we can’t accomplish anything.

We have become a civilization of mediocre machines.

Step into the light wise child. Find figures of something surreal from the past and cling to it. Grasp to the future with bright hopes from light that shined with the sun and with fire.

Quit taking orders from inept books from mediocre mouths, dry hearts and minds with nothing but pleasant repetition.

Find solace in the wise ones who have done an actual thing. Murder the ones that seek to drown your thoughts in their murky middle.

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